What we do.

We take your numbers to another level.  Our goal is to help you discover how to be more efficient and profitable.  By getting the right systems and reports in place we can measure how your practice is doing regularly and then work together on increasing your profit.

Know what the numbers mean.

Receive monthly custom reports that compares your dental practice to the industry average.  This will allow you to know how your practice is doing, which gives you better control over where your practice is heading. 

Take control of your time.

Because you are too busy to focus much on record keeping, don't let your books take you away from running and growing your practice.

Minimize the risk of embezzlement.

Monthly bookkeeping will give you better control over expenses and enable you to detect irregularities early on.  Tracking funds deposited in the bank account compared to the day sheet is one preventative measure I take.

Bookkeeping Service for Dentists in Ontario

It's as easy as 1, 2, 3:

1.  Take a few minutes a day to put your paperwork together.
2.  Send the paperwork to me.
3.  I will provide you with all your financial details monthly and let you know if there is anything that should be addressed and answer any questions you may have.