Dr Farah and myself had just taken on a big challenge of starting a brand new dental office and purchasing an existing dental office at the same time. We had very little knowledge and no experience in running a business. Then we met Lori! With her outgoing positive respectful attitude, we felt very comfortable from day 1. She has implemented a system to track the offices' A/R, pre-determinations, day-ends, staff hours, bill payments..etc.  More importantly, she's someone who really takes her job seriously, and we feel she really cares about the business. It's always impressive how she goes the extra mile in calling us after hours and on weekends to discuss various office matters. Now we get reports after each month detailing revenue and expenses, flagging aging A/R and budget so it can be dealt with promptly. We also get a valuable insight into our staff's opinions through Lori's monthly meetings with the team. It's also a chance to have Lori mediate certain issues between the owners and the staff. We are now rest assured that Lori has a close eye on cheques and cash collected, making sure it's all accounted for on the software and bank statements. We have been very happy with her service and would recommend it for all dental offices. 

Dr. K. Jumaily & Dr. F. Abdulazeez

From the moment I first met Lori many years ago where she was the Dental Office Manager at a practice I was associating at I immediately sensed her passion for the dental industry so it wasn’t surprising when she opened up her own business Bookkeeper For Dentists.  It is quite impressive how she’s merged the two worlds of bookkeeping and dental office management.  In dental school they don’t teach you the business side of dentistry and I am so grateful I have Lori who understands our industry and profession and ensures I understand what my numbers mean and more importantly how to shift my excess overhead into profit.   I highly recommend Bookkeeper For Dentists, Lori has definitely earned my trust.

Dr. J. Minardi

I’m pleased to be able to offer my highest recommendation for Lori Margiotta, the BookkeeperForDentists.

I initially contacted Lori, when my accountant repeatedly questioned the validity of some of our financial statements noting that the numbers just “didn’t seem to fit”. Though I found her through nothing more than a google search, we spoke on the phone briefly, she came out to my office to meet with me in person, and very soon after I was comfortable enough with her to open our financials books to her. She quickly tore through the rubble that was our financial reporting, and began immediately to implement new systems and protocols for both seasoned and new staff members.  Binders, reports, and accountability that had not previously existed, sprouted everywhere within the office. She used her existing relationship with my accountant and his associates to help rewrite and correct oversights from previous years reporting. Working closely and confidentially with me to tailor solutions to our offices unique circumstances, Lori has helped me oversee major personnel and systems based changes in my office. While not all of the changes have been easy or comfortable to make, I recognize that, that is the very nature of the changes that are the most sorely needed, and Lori has eased the transitions from step to step as well as could be expected.

However, the most gratifying aspect of working with the BookkeeperForDentists has been the knowledge that she takes her role at my office as personally as I do. As any small business owner can tell you even the best employees are just that – employees, only a small fraction of whom, hold any interest in the long term success of the business, from which they will only secondarily benefit. Lori takes the growth and success of my business just as personally - or even more so – than I do; working on projects, and occupying her mind with my business while at work, and in evenings and weekends as if it was her own business. And that’s where the true value in her service lies – in her commitment to the growth and overall health of my dental practice. 

Dr. Evan Zaretsky
Durham Kids Dentistry